I have a personable approach to the counseling process and I believe it's important that you are treated and feel like a person seeking help and not seen as a diagnosis or being defined as one trait. Using a holistic lens my process can include learning how to validate yourself and others, assertiveness training, building healthy coping skills, practicing mindfulness, personal inventories, investing in hobbies and interests, and exploring creative interventions that fit your needs and stage of change. At this time I am only working with adults 18 years and older. 

About Brainspotting
Brainspotting is a brain based therapy that helps release built up trauma that gets stored in the body. The process taps into a natural mechanism we all have, essentially, where we look affects the way we feel. I like to think of an emotional junk drawer, we so easily throw things in it when we don’t yet know their purpose. Much like a junk drawer, the oldest items are often wedged in the back. Sometimes it’s hard to reach those areas with only talk therapy. In Brainspotting the body heals itself in a neurological process, much like our own immune system, healing us without our conscious choice to be healed. Please follow the website listed to learn more about Brainspotting.

Areas of focus may include:
-Difficulty managing or accessing emotions
-Bipolar disorder
-Unhealthy relationships
-Gender transition
-Grief and loss
-Changes in stage of life

Common goals may include:
-Improving self-esteem and self-acceptance
-Managing and understanding emotions
-Building and maintaining healthy boundaries
-Creating meaning in self, school, work, relationship, etc.
-Getting clean and sober
-Changing how the past can affect the present and the future
-Implementing healthier habits

My current availability
Tuesday mornings and early afternoons
Thursday and Friday afternoons